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2012 Band News


January 23, 2012

     We can't believe it is 2012 already and Copper Coins as a band just passed its 3rd birthday in December! We've got a couple of events already on the calendar, a few others being discussed and soon to be scheduled, and we're excited to see what else God has us doing as the year progresses. There has been some inspiration in our personal devotions and band discussions at practice as well as some things God has placed on our hearts and it's looking like 2012 is going to be the best year yet for Copper Coins. New original songs are in the works (and certainly more to follow) and a new website is in process, hopefully to be released soon in February. Keep your eyes open, keep us in your prayers, and we'll see you out there somewhere at an event near you!

February 21, 2012

     When we read the Old Testament we often see where God spoke to people, sometimes in visions or dreams and sometimes it is not defined as to the method. I often think it would be incredible to hear an actual voice or be visited by such a vision. How much would that increase my faith? LOTS I am sure. When we pray we talk to God and hopefully we try to also be quiet enough to listen. Sometimes we are frustrated when we are not sure if we are getting answers. Sometimes a series of events or "coincidences" convinces us that God is speaking to us but there may still be doubts whether this is just something we are contriving ourselves to make ourselves feel better. God chooses to communicate with us in ways that are sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious, sometimes when we are pleading to hear him and sometimes out of the blue when least expected but, typically when we have prepared our hearts to listen for Him and when we are committed to allow Him to lead and submit ourselves to follow.

     As recently as a two weeks ago I found myself wondering if my prayers were being heard and if God was really still in charge of my life so I prayed a commitment to remain faithful in my giving and in my obedience to listen and follow whatever he had to tell me if he would only be more clear in my moment of doubt. Although the details of what events have transpired since are too confidential (for the sake of others) to publish on the internet, suffice it to say that He responded dramatically with a couple of swift and clear events that could not have been more clear or timely. These were not events that I imagined, they happened, they are significant, and they are directly related to the concerns that I needed to hear about, not just general inspirations like a fortune cookie or a horoscope will provide. I sit here today completely renewed in my confidence that He is truly in control and wants me to be sure of that, no matter what. As Chris Tomlin wrote in his famous song..... "How Great Is Our God!"

     - Steve

April 13, 2012

     Here we are in April already and Copper Coins is eagerly anticipating our next event, a road trip to Lycoming Valley Baptist Church in Montoursville, PA! We look forward to traveling down to Steve's parents' church and spending time with them as well as Steve's brother and sister-in-law, all of whom have made the long drive up to see us more than once. Road trips are always fun anyway because it means spending extra time together as a band and meeting new people outside our area.

     I have to say I never get tired of serving God through the gift of music. Listening to and/or playing music is perhaps one of my greatest joys in life and if it's music that worships or glorifies my King then it's all the better. I not only get the privilege of playing bass with Copper Coins but I also get to help lead worship at my church every Sunday as a part of the praise team. Isaiah 38:20 says "The Lord will save me, and we will play my music on stringed instruments all the days of our lives, at the house of the Lord." When I consider that my Lord has indeed saved me from the penalty of my sin and has called me to live a life pleasing to Him because of how much He loves me, how can I not feel like playing music for Him for the rest of my days?! If you feel the same way we hope you'll come out to see us at an event near you soon! We love joining our fellow Christians in worship! See you somewhere down the road!

     - Dale

April 24, 2012

     I thought you'd like a short clip of our road trip to Montoursville, PA so here you go. Enjoy!

     - Dale

June 4, 2012

     Hey everybody! As promised, here is the first CMS (Christian Musician Summit) event report! I'm kicking off this series today but stay tuned for reports from other band members coming throughout this week!

     On Thursday evening, May 3rd, our adventure started as we set out on what has become an annual inspirational retreat for me since I attended the first CMS in Buffalo in May of 2008. It would be my 5th straight attendance, each one special, educational, and beneficial in its own way, but this year was extra special in that the whole Copper Coins crew was finally all going together, something I have prayed and "campaigned" for several years now! I knew from experience that everyone would benefit from going because there is absolutely no way you can attend and come away without growing spiritually, intellectually, and musically in some way. Whatever each of us learned and took home would help us improve our individual and collective ministry which ultimately brings glory to God. After many years of being a musician and playing in Christian bands as well as on my church praise team I am fully convinced of the lesson from Matthew 25:140-30, the "Parable of the Talents", which teaches us that God wants us to invest and improve the gifts He has given us and not just sit on them unused or infrequently used and/or undeveloped.

     For those of you who don't know, CMS is a two day event designed to improve skill and inspire talent. We enjoy a daily morning worship session (this year we were treated to Brenton Brown and the Worship Republic Band), a devotional keynote message by a speaker/preacher (Pastor Jerry Gillis from the Chapel delivered some very good messages), and both days filled with classes for vocalists, musicians, songwriting, sound crew, lights, speakers, photographers, and many other subjects taught by well known and incredibly gifted/experienced Christian artists and technicians. Each day is also interspersed with some corporate worship sessions where we all gather back in the main sanctuary in between classes to enjoy one or more of the attending professional artists/bands, and each evening is capped off with a full 3 hour concert as well. For anyone who loves music and loves to worship our Creator it is the perfect environment to enter into His presence!

While I have enjoyed attending many classes for bass, songwriting, working with a band, and many others over the years I would have to say that my favorite class I sat in this year was not a training class at all but a time for an artist I have respected for awhile now to share his heart. Phil Joel spoke about the importance of being grounded in God and His word and how none of the music we play really matters or makes much difference if we are not connected to the one whom we seek to worship. He shared how God brought him to that point in his own life and encouraged us to continually be seekers after God's own heart and students of His word, and also added a scripture from Jeremiah 17:7-8 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit." I appreciate that very much.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this first report from our trip. Come on back tomorrow to see what Donny had to say about his first CMS experience!

     - Dale

June 5, 2012

     (CMS Report #2) - At first I was intimidated by the talent that all the bands had, but after hearing some of them talk about the things that go on behind the scenes I was a little more comfortable. As one musician said... "no matter what your talent, if you play/sing one song correctly any given night you are as good as anyone." Another one said... "we are people just like you, we just do this full time or on a larger stage", or as my coworker said, "bigger stage, same throne." The most important thing is to keep our focus on Christ. Our goal is to sing our praises to Him... all the rest He will work out. Oh... I did learn some warm up tips and some information about voice control, tone, and some other little known facts about singing. Probably the best thing is that I was able to spend that time with the Copper Coins crew.

     "Crew" is used colloquially to refer to a small, tight-knit group of friends or associates engaged in criminal activity... Crew can refer simply to a group of friends, unrelated to crime or violence. Just sayin...

     - Footer (Donny)

June 6, 2012

     (CMS Report #3) - CMS at the Chapel for the second time was even better than last year for me because I had a better feel for the flow of things and was able to better select the sessions I would find most useful. The Blues Counsel kicks Gospel blues-rock butt Lynyrd Skynyrd style. The highlight performer for me was an unbelievable avalanche of solo guitar music from Doyle Dykes that I will never forget. Not only seeing him from the 2nd row as he performed on stage, but also in a small room setting where he did a demonstration with Q&A standing about 8 feet in front of me. It was jaw dropping stuff. I had never seen fingerstyle guitar playing like that before. The bonding time we had as a band was fantastic and the personal and band tips I picked up at the seminars were great. And, of course, all of the performances were excellent and inspirational as were the messages we heard each morning from the Pastor. Just being around all of those people who know how to do it right and make it look easy really makes me want to up my own game.

     - Steve

June 8, 2012

     (CMS Report #4) - This year’s CMS was once again a wonderful time of fellowship with bandmates, learning about worship, and most importantly being refreshed in spirit. Sometimes, being a lead worshiper is draining, but each year I have had the privilege of attending CMS, God has used it to renew my joy in worshiping Him with music and leading others to do the same. The main thing that has stuck with me the most out of all the things I heard/saw was oddly enough from a session that I could not find my pen so all the notes I have are from my memory. (That is a scary thing anymore.) The leader, Nathan Salter, shared that when we lead worship we are walking beside the congregation to Mount Zion – we aren’t behind them driving them up the Mount. What a great visual picture! We are all travelers in the worship journey, walking together up the Mount to God’s presence. – We may be leading, but we aren’t pulling and we aren’t behind the congregation with a whip to get them where we want them – it is a journey taken together. I trust that if anyone reading this is able to come worship with Copper Coins, you feel free to join us as we travel into God’s presence to worship Him and allow Him to speak to us as we give Him all the Glory due Him!

     - Claudine

June 9, 2012

     It's time to start catching up on our event photos. Here are three from Tinsel 'N Lights 2011 at the First Baptist Church in Waverly, NY.

June 10, 2012

     We visited Sallie's church (the Dandy Federated Church in Ithaca, NY) in January as part of their 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off. We made sure to sample some while we were there. Although a bit rainy, it was a great night overall. Check out the photos taken by Meagan Campbell, Dale's & Claudine's youngest daughter.

June 22, 2012

     In March we were invited to take part in the 24 Hours of Praise event hosted by Glad Tidings Christian Life Church. It was an incredible time of worship with several bands and speakers and were honored to be a part of it. Thank you to all who came out to join us for worship! Check out the photos taken by Vickie Davis, our drummer's wife, as well as those taken by Nick Burvee of Burvee Photography. Thanks Nick!

June 23, 2012

     If you've ever wondered whether Copper Coins would ever go on a road trip again, the answer is a resounding "YES!" In April we traveled 2 and a half hours south to Montoursville, PA to visit the great people of Lycoming Valley Baptist Church and spend an overnighter with Steve's family. It was definitely a fun trip, as our video clip confirms, and we can't wait to return for another visit and time to join them in worship! A few photos of the event are now posted in our gallery!

July 18, 2012

     For those of you looking for a band update, here is the latest official news from Copper Coins central. While golfing this past Saturday with his wife Vickie, Mike slipped down an embankment into a dry creek bed and ruptured his patella tendon. After a visit to the ER to assess and confirm his injuries, his surgery to re-attach it has been set for this coming Monday, July 23rd, and will be followed by 8 weeks of recovery time. We would ask that you all keep Mike (and Vickie) in your prayers during this time and especially on the day of his surgery that all will go well and God's healing hand will be on him. Although Mike feels he will be able to get back behind the drums for practice after a few weeks, the band has decided to hold off on scheduling any additional live events that might fall within this recovery period until we get a few weeks into August and he can see how he is feeling and how well his healing is going. We will, however, still be accepting invitations for the remainder of September and the rest of the Fall so feel free to contact us.

     - Dale

August 19, 2012

     God has been good and Mike has been healing very well from his injury. Unfortunately, while we all fully expected him to be cleared to go by this time, it appears that Mike's doctor wants him to wait a couple more weeks before he's doing anything. So, regretfully, we have made the decision to postpone our visit to the Chemung Christian Fellowship Church until later this year. At this point a new date has not yet been set for Chemung but we do know that there are also dates being set for a return to the Waverly Christian & Missionary Alliance Church and the Valleyview Alliance Church so Copper Coins will have some additions to the 2012 schedule soon. Stay tuned!

     - Dale

October 29, 2012

     Well, here we are at the end of October already. Where did the year go? Even though there's still two months left they will go quicker than we think and before long we'll reach the end of 2012. At the end of next month Copper Coins will mark a total of four years since the beginning of the band. God has blessed us richly with the privilege of serving Him in music, something we all enjoy very much and do not take for granted. It has been such a pleasure coming to visit all of you this year and joining you for worship. Thank you for allowing us to come to your church or event to share with you! We are honored and look forward to seeing you all again!

     Our last two regular events of the year were spent with the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in Waverly, NY (Sept. 30th) and just recently we stopped at the Chemung Christian Fellowship (Oct. 28th), both of which we had not been back to in over a year and a half. It was good to return and praise our Lord with these two congregations! If you missed us on both dates, however, you can catch up with us one more time before we flip the calendar to 2013. We'll be playing once again at the Tinsel-N-Lights holiday event at our usual spot, the First Baptist Church of Waverly, on Friday, Dec. 14th. Our starting time has not yet been determined so you'll want to keep checking back over the next few weeks. We'd love to see everyone come out (and bring your family, friends, and neighbors) to celebrate Christmas a little early with Copper Coins! And as always... if you have an indoor/outdoor event or church service you'd like us to come be a part of in 2013 and beyond please do contact us (the sooner the better) and let's schedule the date(s). We'd love to come share with you and join you for worship as well! May God bless all of you as we head into the holiday season!

     - Dale

November 24, 2012

     This past Thursday the whole country was giving thanks. I like that. It does seem a little out of sync with the fact that much of the time it seems that many people in our country don't acknowledge God's existence at all... or worse, they mock those who do. "If someone doesn't believe God exists, then who would they giving thanks to on Thanksgiving?" I often wonder. But it seems that Thanksgiving is one holiday that we don't seem to argue about how to celebrate. We don't worry about calling it a Thanksgiving Turkey or a Holiday Turkey and we don't worry about whether or not one is giving thanks to Jesus, Allah, or any number of other versions of God. If you are giving thanks to a higher power, that is a good sign that you think God exists in some form. That makes me think that maybe there is a wider base of believers in God of some kind than it seems to be as we go through our daily lives. Belief in a Creator and higher power in the Universe is step #1 toward an individual acknowledging that a spiritual realm supersedes our existence. This is not the spiritual realm of witches and goblins but a specific Creator of some kind.

     The next step is the commitment of personal effort that is required to learn about the essence of each faith enough to determine which one makes the most sense. This is a marathon, not a quick sprint through the latest best seller. All aspects of the belief system have to work for you from every angle, from spiritual personal experience to historical and archeological evidence to church doctrine and more. It has to make sense when you want to know the best ways to live or information on why life is worth living. From how humans got here to why we are here, from what we are supposed to do while we're here to where we are going. From creation to salvation, from the fall to Grace, from evil to Love, the Alpha and the Omega.

     For me, there is one story that makes far more sense than the others no matter how I look at it and that is the story of God's creation and salvation of mankind through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am part of that story and so are you. There has never been another tale that stands so tall yet is no tall tale. Every day, but in particular I am talking about Thursday, I gave thanks to the one particular God of the Bible along with his son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who allows us to walk with them all-in-one every day, any time, 24/7. That is the God I gave thanks to. I give Him thanks for giving us life, not just for a little while here on this earth, but for ever and always in Heaven with Him. It really makes me thankful to be able to put my existence in this context. It makes worshiping Him a great personal desire, not a required burden.

     It's good that we, as a country, feel the need to give thanks to God. I guess I like Thanksgiving partly because it gives me hope that more people acknowledge a higher power than it seems at other times and I like that. But, we also need to know specifically whom we are giving thanks to and He must be real to each of us. If you don't know Him, please search Him out. He promises that if you seek Him you will find Him. That is something to be thankful for right there.

     - Steve

December 31, 2012

     The 2012 calendar year has been an exciting and fun time for the Copper Coins crew. We had the privilege to worship with so many of you, make new friends and revisit old ones, and have seen God continue to work through us while we ministered as well as within us in each of our own lives and the band as a whole. He has answered prayers for us and for family members, continued to draw us together closer as friends and bandmates, and has given us encouragement through many of you to continue on with this music ministry. We are looking forward with eager anticipation to the new year and continue to pray for all of you that God continues to bless your lives, minister to your hearts, and draw you closer to Him in your own personal walks. Thank you so much for being our friends and supporters! We consider ourselves richly blessed by our Savior and King to have all of you lifting us up in prayer as well and coming out to worship Him with us! Happy New Year from Copper Coins! We'll see you down the road in 2013!

     - Dale


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