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2015 Band News


January 14, 2015

     Here's a little behind the scenes info. I just recently strained, or as you would say, "threw my back out". I know that I'm getting older, but it usually doesn't take me ten minutes to put on my shoes. I still play softball, and I work as an auto technician (that's a mechanic who gets paid more lol). I have a few friends who I referred to as guards, they said guards work security.....they were CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS. point is when my back was out of alignment I could hardly do anything. It's the same way with our walk with God, if we aren't in alignment with Him, if we start to rely on ourselves or lose our focus on Christ we find it hard to accomplish anything. We can do all things through Christ. Not through ourselves. I also noticed when I am in pain I have a little more compassion for those who are in pain most of the time. I hope everyone has had a great holiday celebrating the birth of our Savior, a new year has begun. If you get a chance, come worship with us, if it's too far, invite us to come to never know?

     - Donny ....sorry not the bass player, but I do know his name

March 14, 2015

     We're a week away from our first event on the 2015 calendar and I can hardly wait! It seems like forever since we last played out as a band (it was November 21st, to be exact, so four months to the day) and all of us are anxious to get back out there. This event happens to be another road trip (and we love road trips) as we'll be traveling for the first time to Wawarsing, NY (in the direction of NYC) to lead worship and fellowship with the good people of Community Bible Church, two of which will be Claudine's sister Jennifer and her husband Steve. You might think that's the reason why we're looking forward to this trip, and in part it is... but it's not the most important reason. You see, Copper Coins (individually and collectively), seeks to glorify the name of Jesus Christ and testify of Him and His greatness. It's the main reason why we exist as a band. Being able to go and share our ministry with others for His glory is what motivates us.

     Earlier this year, for three straight weeks in January, we took the bulk of our practice time together to talk, share, pray, and discuss what we wanted our message for others to be this year as a band. Eventually we arrived at two things.... He is faithful and He answers prayer. Over and over again through the past four years our current roster has been together we have seen God answer prayer in our own lives and the lives of family members numerous times. It may not always be the answer we have wanted or in the timing that we wanted but He continues to answer, and He is faithful to answer and to do what He promises in His word even when we aren't faithful to Him. He is amazing and full of mercy! Next Saturday, the 21st, I am planning to talk a little about what God has been preparing for me to share during our evening of worship. Please pray with us that His message comes through clearly and that lives are touched. I know He is faithful and He will answer! And hey, if you're anywhere near Warwarsing next Saturday, come on out and join us! Their Spring Sundae Social will be that much better if you're there with us!

     - Dale

April 16, 2015

     The kids and I are reading "Hero Tales" Vol. 2 each day and this week we were reading about Elizabeth Fry (a prison reformer and Quaker in England in the early 1800's). At the end of the section we were reading, there was a question that I asked all of our kids. "If you could ask God for only one miracle, what would it be?" I thought I knew what our daughter Shannon would say.... she has Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic, genetic disorder which will undoubtedly shorten her life apart from a cure being found and the grace of God. I assumed she would say "a cure for CF", but I was wrong. Her answer was "That Mr. Kyle (a 20-something young man we have been praying for) would be cured from his cancer." It brought tears to my eyes as she said it, and even as I write. That is exactly the heart God wants for us to have, to put the needs of others above our own. I asked Shannon what made her think that way instead of her own disease and she said "I have already lived a great life... he is so young" (Shannon is 13, by the way.) Do I think of others over and above myself? Not nearly enough, but this is truly the heart God wants for us.... to love our neighbor as ourself. For me, the best part of parenting and having the privilege of teaching our kids at home is the many lessons I learn from them on a daily basis. May we all have a heart more and more like Shannon modeled for us in this one instance – to put the needs of others above our own and to love the way God loves us. BTW – Elizabeth Fry is a great person to study. Her love for the Lord and the prison population in England is a great example to us of "loving the least of these."

     - Claudine

May 6, 2015

     I was recently asked to speak at a ladies luncheon at my sister's church (where Copper Coins just played in March). I am not really a gifted public speaker, but after praying about it I felt a peace about doing it. So, I prayed about what to share. I really had nothing until the day before I had to speak and was getting a little concerned. I am a planner, I have been all my life. You can ask anyone who was in our wedding 20 years ago – they each had a list of responsibilities and a timeline of where they were to be when and how the day would go. Yeah, I can go a tad overboard. This is what God impressed upon my heart to speak on – planning and how His plan is always best.

     One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; to give you a hope and a future." I love the verse but continually have to be reminded by God to trust in His plans. When we got married I had a "plan" of what our life would look like... work for a few years, get my Masters degree, pay off our school loans, buy a house, start a family, stay home while the kids were young then go back to teaching etc. Well, I didn't find a full time job after we got married, so I substitute taught. That wasn't huge – just a slight detour from the "plan"... but I never did get a full time job and I got pregnant after just beginning my masters program. Well, that wasn't what we had anticipated, but God had a different plan and we settled into it learning again to trust Him more.

     I continued my masters program and did stay home and in the midst we were able to pay off our college loans and did not need to borrow anymore. This was not really feasible on our income, but God provided every step of the way – again His plan works for our good to prosper and not harm us. Since I was nearing completion of my course of study, we decided it was time to add to our family and we were able to get pregnant very quickly and had another child just as I finished my degree – perfectly timed and planned, in my mind. When our second child, the one "we planned", was 4 months old we found out she had Cystic Fibrosis – a life threatening, chronic, genetic disease. God gently spoke to my heart and pointed out that my plan and His plan again, are vastly different. He has been with us every step of living life with a chronically ill child and has kept her healthier than anyone could imagine, to His Glory! We never would have planned to have a child that was ill, but God did and I can say, I am so glad He did, it has been a privilege and joy to be her mom.

     We also never built/bought our dream house, but rather bought Dale's family home from his grandparents - again, not our plan – and have seen how this was also God's provision for us. I still am at home with our kids even though they are all school age and according to the plan from 20 years ago, I should be back to teaching and they should be in school. When our eldest was ready to begin school, the Lord impressed upon our hearts His plan for us to home school her. We prayed about it and agreed we would for elementary school, and then in High School she could go to public school… she is graduating from Home School in a couple weeks. Again, God had a different plan than we had and it has been full of many lessons (most haven't been academic but spiritual) and I wouldn't change it to go back to "my plan".

     All of this to say, that God continues to work on my heart and teach me that having an idea of what we want to accomplish and setting some goals is great, but above all I need to trust His plan and obey where He leads. I am still a list maker and a planner, but I increasingly am learning to hold my plans loosely and that deviations from my list are fine. As God's Word tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." Praying God is able to use these words to encourage your heart today. Let's plan to follow Him and trust Him above all!

     - Claudine

May 12, 2015

     I worked for about four years with a couple of other Christians. I recently changed jobs and now work where I am the only believer. God has allowed me to speak openly with at least five people about God. We talk about the band, we talk about church, we talk about scripture, we talk about some study books or books written by authors such as John MacArthur. I find myself talking more about God than before. My God is awesome. Work has been a little slow lately and my income is based on how much work I can produce. I have no worries, not because of me, but because my God always has always supplied all my needs and I have faith he always will. I have learned that when I make plans they don't always work, but when I let Him make the plans it works out much better.

     Part of our band just returned from C.M.S. I think I need to sit back and breathe. I go to training for work.... THIS IS NOT THE SAME..... Nathan Salter spoke on how you can't lead others into worship if you're not worshiping God yourself. It's not about your skill or how much talent you have, but more about your heart. Rick Muchow spoke on how a worship leader's job is to lead people into worship with our Lord. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of training, suggestions, tricks to help make it easier for people to enjoy, participate, understand what the song or the theme we are trying to get across is. The most important thing is we are here to worship. We are here to sing praises to our Lord and Savior. The one thing I know for sure is that I learn more about my God everyday. The more I learn, the more I realize the less I know. I sure hope our band will have an opportunity to worship together with you. I don't think you will be disappointed. I know I won't be!

     Guitar player, singer, unicycle rider,
     - "Footer" (Donny)

August 9, 2015

     The Coins enjoyed an absolutely incredible weekend leading worship at the American Baptist Men's Retreat at Keuka College this weekend! It was indeed a blessing to worship together with our brothers (and sisters) in beautiful Norton Chapel on the edge of lovely Keuka Lake! God is truly amazing and worthy of our praise! We want to thank AB Men so much for the invitation to join you during your retreat and for blessing us with your added voices, lifting praises to our King! Thank you also for already booking us to return next year! We definitely will look forward to seeing you and worshipping with you again next year!

     - Dale

August 15, 2015

     It is with heavy hearts and genuine sadness that we announce that Sallie Fuller has decided she will be leaving Copper Coins at the end of next month following our September 27th event in Big Flats. Sallie, who has shared our lead vocal position with Donny Foote for the last four year this past June, broke the news to us on Thursday at our practice when she relayed that she has felt God calling her to lay down her musical activities (outside of the worship team at her home church) and get involved in hands-on servant ministry for the lost in the Ithaca area. She will be looking to get involved in soup kitchens, half-way houses, homeless shelters, etc with a focus on women's ministries which she says is lacking in Ithaca and the surrounding communities. All of us in Copper Coins will truly miss her for many more reasons than just her singing and songwriting, which have been such a strong part of our signature sound over these last four years. We know there are also more than a few of you out there who might enjoy the opportunity to come and hear her sing with us one last time before her journey with us is over so we strongly encourage and invite you to come out for either our September 19th event in Sayre or our September 27th event in Big Flats and help us bid Sallie farewell. We would also sincerely appreciate all your prayers for the band as we seek God's will for how and when He wants us to fill Sallie's empty position. We know He has all things in His control and will guide and direct in His perfect timing. Thank you in advance!

     - Dale

August 22, 2015

     Here I am on Saturday morning working on a stool. As most everyone knows I love to go to yard sales...NOT! My sister-by-law bought this stool for a dollar. She was nice enough to let me have it, because I liked it, it had character, and I wanted to use it when Dale and I play out as "Spare Change". If you look at this stool you would say it looks like an ordinary stool, because it is. I began to think this stool is a lot like a church or possibly a believer in Christ. First you have to strip all old stain, paint, old finish to get down to the original wood. Much like Christ has to help us get rid of our own sinful ways. It's a lot of hard work, you need to use a chemical stripper, steel wool, and sand paper. I was thinking I would let the bottom of the stool go, but then I thought of what might be stuck under there like gum or what ever. I noticed the more I cleaned the more I discovered each piece of wood was different. The grain of the wood was different, the color of the wood was a little different, there were marks in the wood, there were some small cracks. I thought this is a lot like a church, people are different, some like sports, some like to read , some sing, some are comfortable speaking in public, some make good teachers ( like for Sunday school). There are people who enjoy helping others or doing things to maintain the building. Probably the most important thing are the people who pray. Much like the stool, the church is made up of different things or should I say people who, when they work together, the church becomes stable, much like the stool. I would encourage everyone to look for ways to serve God in church and don't become a "Pew Potato" as the guy I work with would say. Well, I just finished putting the last coat of stain/polyurethane on the stool and it looks pretty good. I know I am just an ordinary person just like the stool is ordinary, but if I rely on Christ to help and lead me, I can be useful in his hands.

     As you know, we will be losing Sallie shortly. Some of our band members have made job changes. Some churches are changing pastors. The world is changing every day, but, and I say, BUT God never changes!!! I am so glad we have a firm foundation to stand on. We are going to be playing at the Sayre Christian Church on Saturday Sept. 19th. Please come and join us! We need your support and your prayers. We love to worship God and we love it even more when we worship Him with you.

     - Donny "Footer"

       P.S. - I would really like to see some of my softball buddies there. Come on, it's local, it's a good cause, if you don't like it you can always leave, it's outside. Hope to see you there.

September 2, 2015

     Calling all friends of Copper Coins! Let's get the word out and help STOP HUNGER NOW! On September 19th we will be playing at the Sayre Christian Church for their outdoor Fall Festival to Impact Hunger, both globally and locally. Sayre Christian Church has partnered with the organization STOP HUNGER NOW to coordinate a meal packing event during the Fall Festival with the goal to pack over 10,000 meals for a third world country in need. There will also be a canned food drive as your "admission" to this day of music, fun, and fellowship that will be collected and divided among valley food pantries. Anyone who can bring a canned or otherwise non-perishable food item is encouraged to do so! If you would like to volunteer for the meal packing team or make a financial donation to help Sayre Christian Church offset the costs of this project, please go to and get involved! Come on out for pulled pork dinner, games, door prizes, and live music by Copper Coins, Ten Days, Tree of Life, Ransomed, and the Sayre Christian Church praise team! We look forward to seeing you all there!

     - Dale

October 16, 2015

     Dear friends of Copper Coins.... Please feel free to share the following announcement (below) via email and online with your friends, family, church members, praise team, and anyone you know who might be interested!
Copper Coins, an established parachurch praise band operating in the Southern Tier of New York and surrounding areas, is currently seeking a replacement for one of their two existing lead vocalists to join their ministry team. (If you also play electric or acoustic guitar, that's a plus but not required.) Interested vocalists (female or male) are encouraged to for more details.

December 9, 2015

     It is with great excitement that we get the pleasure to finally announce the newest member of Copper Coins! Please help us welcome Carla Padilla to the Coins family! Carla will be sharing lead vocals with Donny and is looking forward to meeting all of you beginning at our first event in 2016!

Carla says, "I live in Endicott up the street from my mom, who is very happy that I am in the band. I have 2 sweet children who enjoy pushing me juuuuust to the brink of insanity approximately once every two weeks. My husband (Frank) is lovely, and I also have a pet turtle named Dr. Pecan. I love to cook, and sing, and thrift shop. I have a knack for teaching and working with kids that aren't mine. I hate when my socks get wet. I'm 29 and have a degree in graphic design, which I use sparingly. I also think I'm quite funny when I'm mentally exhausted."

Please stop by our Facebook page and post a welcome message to Carla and be sure and come meet her in person in 2016!


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