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2018 Band News


February 25, 2018

     Well, we've reached the year 2018 and each day that passes on our calendars brings us closer and closer to the 10 year anniversary of Copper Coins as a band. Where have the years gone? Last year when Steve stepped down as our lead guitar player I tallied up the number of miles we've traveled as a band to and from events over the course of just the 7 years he was with us... and would you believe it came to roughly 3250 miles?! That's a lot of distance covered and a lot of people met along the way as we went out sharing the music God has given us to glorify His name and worship His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ! We've been so blessed and consider it an incredible privilege and experience... but we're not done yet... The 2018 calendar year is already looking exciting! We kicked off the year by making our first stop back at Samson's Coffee House in Endwell, NY. It was the first "official" event we've played with our new lead guitarist, Allen Nichols (not counting the Christmas music we played for Waverly First Baptist's special event in December). Unfortunately, Jess Tubbs (our new female lead vocalist) was unable to join us, having recently just had a new baby, but God is always in the business of making plans far better than we could ourselves. It was, of course, to our great surprise and great joy that we discovered that Carla Padilla, our previous female lead vocalist who moved to California last May, was going to be back in town visiting during the time that our concert was scheduled... and Endwell is her old stomping grounds. Now you know we just couldn't pass up the chance to have her come and sing at least a few songs with us, specifically some that needed a female lead vocal on them and that she used to sing. Carla eagerly accepted the opportunity and, like we all knew she would, jumped right in and sang the whole two sets with us! It was a ton of fun having her back with us for the evening and worshiping Jesus together again, despite the snowy weather outside. Thanks so much, Carla, for helping us out! It was also nice making a return visit to the Broadway Diner before the event too!

     Next up on our calendar, we will be back at the Waverly Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in Waverly, NY on March 24th at 6 PM. We haven't been there in a few years and this time we are making the evening a fund raising event for a ministry we've chosen to support called Second Wind Cottages. If you don't know what they're about and what they're doing to reach out and bring hope to the homeless community of Ithaca, NY, please check out their website, make a donation online, or make plans to come join us on March 24th and make a donation there. We'll look forward to seeing you!

     - Dale

February 26, 2018

     Welcome to the first blog by me, Jessica Tubbs, the female vocalist of Copper Coins! Wow, just reflecting on that makes me THANKFUL in so many ways. Here, let me explain why I feel THANKFUL...

     First, I'd like to start with a little background about me... When I was younger, I did not have an easy life and went through a lot of hardships and struggles as many do. I also did not grow up in a highly spiritual family. By that I mean that I was raised in a Catholic Church and by that I mean we went to church on Easter and for midnight mass. Also, we didn’t have many conversations about Christ outside of the church. I finally excepted Jesus Christ as my Savior about 3 years ago and I'm so THANKFUL that Jesus died on the cross so I can be forgiven and born again through Him.

     In July of 2017 God had a plan and put it in motion. It started with me just scrolling through my Facebook. Now before I go further I'd like to state that I'd never heard about Copper Coins nor did I have any Facebook friends in common with the members at this time. As I continued to scroll through my news feed in absolute boredom I saw a random suggestive friend/page pop up. Uhm, Copper Coins... I wonder what that is... Click... As I opened the page first thing I saw was that they were looking for a new female vocalist! After communicating with the band back and forth a couple times, and having a live audition, they came to the conclusion that they'd talk it over as a band and I'd hear from them soon. A couple days passed and finally... Ring, Ring! I looked down and saw an unknown number... Could it be?! I answered and it was! With Dale and Claudine on the other end of the call, they asked, "How would you like to be a Coin?" My heart was filled with joy and I wanted to dance and scream as I responded "YES!" I was beyond THANKFUL! THANKFUL that God presented this opportunity to do the thing that I love the most (sing and make music) with amazing people who truly love the Lord!

     So there it is... a little back story on me, and the reason why I am THANKFUL to be the female vocalist of Copper Coins. With so many other things to be THANKFUL for, both the big blessings to even the smallest, being in Copper Coins is one of the greatest I've been gifted with in my life. Music for me was a way to heal, feel protected, feel safe during some of the worst moments, and a way for me to show love, joy, happiness in the best moments of my life. Now, THANKS to my Lord and Savior and His will, I get to use the gift He gave me to praise and worship Him, and most of all THANK Him!

     I hope I get a chance to meet you all at one of our upcoming shows so we can praise and give Him THANKS together through the powerful gift of music. Because, as Chris Tomlin said it best, He is a Good Good father. We definitely have so much to be THANKFUL for! Hope to see you all soon!

     - Love Jess ♥

April 13, 2018

     Another Coin In The Offering! - Hey there Coin fans! My name is Allen and I am the new guitarist for Copper Coins. It's been a few months since I auditioned for the band and started practicing and playing a couple of concerts with the band. I think it's taken me a while to realize that I'm a Coin! I'm really excited to be a part of the ministry and wanted to take some time to share a little bit about the road God has had me on, how I ended up with Copper Coins, and all that I see ahead for my place in the ministry of Copper Coins and my own musical meanderings.

     First, a bit about my story... I grew up in a small town in the Finger Lakes region of New York State near the Pennsylvania border called Wellsburg. Not a big town but a great place to ride bikes and play down at the creek and enjoy life like kids really should still do today.

     Looking back at my younger years, I can say that even from a young age God was drawing me to Himself through people taking me to youth groups, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, church services, character education, and so much more. In the character education program I even remember the leader sharing felt board stories about a young boy with red hair who was always getting in situations that were great life lessons and always lead us back to a great message about Jesus. In Sunday School in the 6th grade I remember making a little fish out of cardboard and writing a the verse Mark 1:17 "Come after me and I will make you fishers of men". I felt a call in that moment. God was my anchor through the years and helped me through so much and I tried as often as I could to tell others about Jesus.

     Through those years God also brought a lot of inspiring and encouraging music to my attention. Bands and artists like Rick Cua, The Choir, Bash-N-The-Code, Mad At The World, Barren Cross, WhiteCross, Steve Taylor, Idle Cure, Petra, Servant, Crumbacher, Resurrecton Band, Jerusalem, and way more than I can even think of this morning over a single cup of coffee.

     When I was a Junior in High School, God inspired me as I was listening to some music on a hot summer day... It was like he said "I can use you to encourage others with music too" and from there I was on a quest to learn to play guitar and use it for him.

     I spent a couple of years learning and right after high school I put together my first Christian band. I haven't stopped making music since, with one exception which may be a topic of another blog post in the future. Nearly 30 years since I first picked up a guitar inspired by God to do so. I have played a lot of music through the years in bands and churches at festivals and youth camps and now God has called me here.

     So here I am! Ready to be another Coin in the offering to give God my gifts and talents with this awesome team of musicians who feel the call to do the same! It's been a great experience so far and I can't wait to see what God has in store. I am also currently a worship leader in my home church and a guitarist on our other worship teams in Horseheads NY. I am also continuing to write and record music of my own. Copper Coins is one more opportunity God has given me to serve and glorify Him.

     Cant wait to see you all at upcoming concerts!

     - Allen

June 1, 2018

     FEMALE LEAD VOCALIST NEEDED! As many of you know, the Copper Coins crew is in the midst of our latest search for a female lead vocalist, which began in early April after Jess announced that she had to step down in order to move with her husband, Jason, for work out of state (West Virginia, to be exact). Jess had only been with us since August of 2017, coming on board after our last search following Carla's departure (also out of state) last May. We know God has the right person out there to fill the vacant position and mesh with the rest of our ministry team so we're waiting patiently on Him and His perfect timing. Are you a female lead vocalist who loves to worship her Savior Jesus? Are you interested in joining a local twin tiers area praise rock band whose ministry is leading others in worship and sharing the gospel through music? If so, we'd love to talk to you! Copper Coins is a local independent Christian band, now in our 10th year of ministry, and we're looking for a female lead vocalist who loves the Lord and has a passion for glorifying our God in song with like-minded Christian musicians! All interested candidates are asked to send an email to with the subject line "female vocalist" for more information.

     - Dale


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