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March 3, 2019

     It has been quite a length of time since our last blog update here but that doesn't mean there hasn't been anything going on with the Coins. We've been busy! One of the big items we had between our last post and now was our first annual Valley Family Fun Day, a community outreach event we had envisioned for several years and finally felt the Lord directing us to put plans into action. Thanks to Him, it turned out to be a great success! I say this because we are currently in the planning stage of putting together the second annual Valley Family Fun Day and we've got some great news! Last year's special guest speakers, stand-up comedian Derrick Tennant ( and his sister Julie ( will be returning to join us again! If you missed hearing them speak last year you won't want to miss them this year! The event will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, at the East Waverly Park in Waverly, NY from 10 AM to 3 PM. Make plans now to join us for the day as we'll again have live music from several bands, games, food, a car show, and lots of other fun and activities for all ages. Stay tuned here as more details are released!

     - Dale

March 30, 2019

     Are you someone who has a passion for worshiping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and leading others in worship to our King? Do you have a desire to be a member of a ministry team that loves using the talents and skills God gave us to bring glory to His name as we encourage others in Christ and also spread the Truth of the gospel to those who don't yet know Him? We have three opportunities for you to come volunteer with us and fill some much needed spots on our team! If your interest is in lyrics projection and preparing/utilizing background media to help others join in singing along with us, come talk to us about running our laptop at events and helping us improve our operation! If you have a desire to jump behind our new lighting system and build effective arrangements that compliment the songs and draw people into worship, contact us today and find out how you can help! And last but certainly not least, we still have a open spot on our band roster for a new female lead singer who has a heart for worship, strong vocals that fit our contemporary praise rock style, and can effectively engage the congregation as a front person, leading others to participate corporately in bringing our praise before the throne of Christ! We can promise you that anyone who joins us in any of these positions will have a bunch of fun and fellowship with other like-minded believers, plenty of encouragement in your walk with Christ, regular prayer support, and the occasional perks of free food on road trips and exciting sights and experiences along the way! Contact us today if you're interested!

     - Dale

May 2, 2019

     Just recently I lost the ability to sing and was even hoarse when speaking. This has happened once before a few years ago. Times like that help me realize how much I want to worship my Lord all the time. I use music to pray, to get through a rough day, to celebrate a good day, and of course to be at practice with my band mates. I had a co-worker ask how I can get up in front of people and sing or play guitar. You know, I have no idea. For some reason I enjoy singing or leading in worship. For some reason God has given me that desire. I hope we will have an opportunity to worship together sometime. If you hear our band is in your area, come on out. We are also always looking for new places to play so if you know of anyone looking for a band, have them give us a call.

     - Donny

May 28, 2019

     It's almost June and we can't believe how fast this year is going already! Back on May 3-4, Copper Coins (Donny, Dale, Claudine, Mike, and Allen) was blessed to attend the 2019 ATOMA Worship Conference ( near Lancaster, PA from May 3-4. Special guest speaker was Rory Noland ( (author of the "Heart of the Artist" book series) and special guest worship band on Friday night was Vertical Worship ( Towards the end of a great opening night of worship, Allen, Donny, and Dale were privileged to be among the attending songwriters that Vertical Worship called up on stage with them, were then prayed over, and got to lead worship along with Vertical Worship to close the evening in the song "Great Are You Lord". Saturdays classes and worship were also good but the biggest blessing was the time spent together and growing closer as a band.

     Now we are quickly approaching our next event, the 2nd annual Valley Family Fun Day, an event we organized and co-hosted with several area churches beginning last year. This year's event will be held on Saturday, June 22nd from 10AM to 3PM and will include a classic car show, horse drawn wagon rides, games, crafts, food, fun, a return of stand-up comedian Derrick Tennant ( and his sister Julie ( with her cool t-shirts (, and of course live music. Our own lead guitarist, Allen Nichols, will be opening the day, followed by Derrick and Julie. Copper Coins will take you through the lunch hour and up to our awards program for the classic car show. To close this year's event, we've invited newcomers to the local Christian music scene, the band Chronicles. Please plan to come join us for the day and bring your lawn chairs, family, and friends! Check out our Facebook event for more details! (

     - Dale

June 16, 2019

     So, here it is Father's Day. Let me share once again how God speaks to me. I'm in the yard weed trimming and am wearing those head phones that have Bluetooth for listening to music through my phone... You know the ones. So, between songs there can be a pause or a commercial and there was a long pause and suddenly someone, who apparently was in the band, yell... I was glad I wasn't standing next to anything or anyone or there would have been some damage done. About 30 minutes later, I am mowing the lawn and a song comes on and says God let it rain on me and it begins to rain. My Dad was always my hero. I always wanted to be like him. He probably wasn't the smartest man, but he was wise and a man of God. He had a great sense of humor. I think God my "other" father has a great sense of humor. God speaks to us in many ways. We just have to listen.

     - Donny

June 23, 2019

     Months of planning, prayer, prep, discussion, prayer, organizing, phone calls, emails, prayer, designing and printing posters and flyers, delivering flyers to schools, making signs, renting and buying equipment, prayer, renting the location, being blessed with donations and help from so many great people (many who are good friends), laying out a tentative map for the event, practicing, did I mention prayer, getting little sleep the last few days while putting in hours (roughly 19-20 between Friday and yesterday) of work for setup and operation and tear-down, seeing God answer prayer YET AGAIN with an incredible day of sunshine and fun after a week of rain, worshiping Jesus with friends and family and enjoying all the activities and efforts of so many to come together to pull this community outreach event off another year, being beyond proud of seeing all four of my kids join my wife and I in working/serving at the event, dragging my tired/sore self out of bed this morning to go teach the adult Sunday School class that developed into a great discussion, more singing/worshiping with my church family, listening to my friend and his sister speak (on generosity, no less) and then sharing and fellowshipping with their family over lunch (which I had planned to treat them all to, only to be bushwhacked and treated by them).... Was all the time, effort, frustrations, pains, planning, hours, etc worth it? In my mind... YES! Were mistakes made and areas/items needing improvement for next time? Yes... but I wouldn't choose to go back now and change any of how it played out for this year's event. My weekend has been more than blessed by God and my heart is full to overflowing! As one of my friends, Julie Tennant says, "I love my life!" ...and I will add "I love my Lord!" He is good, all the time (and I don't care how cliche it sounds, it's TRUTH)! My prayer is that at least some others were as blessed as I and my family have been these last few days! And more importantly, that the light of Jesus and His words of Truth impacted whoever needed to hear it, voluntarily or not, and that they will come to a saving knowledge of Him if they haven't already. Should I say that my weekend isn't quite over yet... Tomorrow morning my good friend and bandmate/drummer, Mike Davis, and I will travel back down to Binghamton to return some rented equipment, go out to breakfast together and enjoy more fellowship and discussion about future ministry efforts for the band, and then hit Guitar Center to window-shop before we head home!

     So, I have a question... How was your weekend and your experience of this year's Valley Family Fun Day? What did you like and what didn't you like? How did God speak to you through the day? How did God speak through you during the day? What prayer requests do you have and would you be willing to share them with us (privately if you wish, of course) so that we as a band might be able to pray for you and with you? What prayer requests (that you can freely mention) did others share with you? I know I may be opening the flood gates but we're interested in hearing everything. In the coming days, weeks, months (however long it takes us) we will be putting together a collection of photos, videos, and stories from the day and we'd welcome any of you who want to share to contact us via email, Facebook, or whatever other means you wish to communicate with us through. Until we see you out and about again, in the community or at a future event, may God bless you richly and thank you all for keeping us and the ministry of Copper Coins in your prayers!

     - Dale


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