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What people say about the ministry of Copper Coins?

"Copper Coins is an amazing band! They are a very kind, warm and a loving group of individuals. Their heart for worship is to genuinely lead people to God and for His glory to shine through them. I've experienced worship with many bands and I have come across a variety of different personalities - I'm blessed to say my experience with this band has ONLY been positive and edifying. They are supportive of other worship artists and support those who are striving for the same cause, TO LIFT JESUS UP THROUGH WORSHIP MUSIC! Thankful for their ministry and for their hearts! Look forward to worshiping with ya'll again!! ♥"
- DiAnza Macool (fellow Christian musician/artist and also worship leader) -

"Copper Coins has had an important impact in my life through their music and through their love for the Lord. Not only is this a group that pursues excellence musically, but they make it very clear that their purpose is to worship the living Lord. I have had the privilege of knowing these band members personally through a number of years and I can tell you without hesitation that these folks are genuine in their testimony for Jesus Christ. Several years ago, I left a pastorate of nearly 19 years in order to follow God's leading in a church consulting ministry. At my closing service with my church, Copper Coins led the worship and ministered to my anxious soul as I was stepping out into uncharted waters. Words cannot express how much that has impacted my life. I would strongly recommend Copper Coins to your church in order to serve you and to lift up Jesus."
- Rev. Steve Reynolds (former Pastor at the Waverly First Baptist and founder of 4T I-40 Church Consultation Service) -

"Copper Coins is an excellent band for leading you into worship. They have the words for you to follow on a screen so you can join them. We enjoy having them at Twin Tiers Rock the House every year."
- John Ashton Cartin (venue host at Twin Tiers Rock the House) -

"Copper Coins' performances and original music are more than just great music. Their original songs and lyrics are truly inspired. Their messages are relevant, and their talent performing is worth while for the band and their audience. After seeing them several times, their music gets more inspiring every time."
- Douglas Kosty (follower of the band and frequent bootleg videographer) -

"We always look forward to Copper Coins coming to share with us. Their professionalism, talents, attitude and heart for the Lord are all first rate. They are extremely easy to work with, punctual and very conscientious of their sound, volume and mission. They are a true joy."
- Paul Estro (Owner/Operator of Halsey Valley Victory House Arts & Worship Center) -

"Copper Coins has been a great partner in sharing the Good News in the Sayre Community through their wonderful musical talents, but even more through their loving and grace-filled spirit; exhibited before, during, and after their performances. We will continue to invite them to partner with our ministries at Sayre Christian Church."
- Pastor Kevin Arensman (former Pastor at the Sayre Christian Church) -

"The thing I love most about the Copper Coins band is that they take their music and performances very seriously. Not because they want to receive the credit and show how good they are but as a band they want to glorify God through their talents and music. The Copper Coins emotion and passion creates a very powerful and presence felt time of worship for all. When you sing worship music you want to feel like the band is not just leading but worshipping alongside you as well; and the Copper Coins do an excellent job with this when they play. Not only can the band connect with you musically but also through their powerful testimonies of how God has radically changed their lives as well. I highly recommend them to play for one of your church events."
- Rev. Arnie Buehler (Youth Pastor at the Valleyview Alliance Church) -

"I went to one of the best concerts that I have ever been to. I didn't have to go to Rochester or Binghamton for it. Copper Coins came right here to Chemung Christian Fellowship. The evening was invested in Praising the Name of Jesus. Our new lighting system worked top notch."
- Rev. Randy Stilson (Pastor at the Chemung Christian Fellowship) -

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